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Knowledge to empower YOU

The Hydrogen Academy was born as an idea to share knowledge and, most importantly, the experience that we gathered after many years of expertise in the field of hydrogen energy. Our goal is to create a strong community of people who have the same values, and who look at hydrogen as one of the best solutions for the environment. 

The Hydrogen Academy was founded by two international companies, both experts in their fields.

LIFTE H2, a hydrogen infrastructure development company, is a one-stop solutions provider, enabling cost-effective, safe, and reliable infrastructure and operations for the H2 customers. LIFTE H2’s mission is to empower energy-intensive businesses to decarbonize by designing, delivering, and operating clean, affordable, and innovative hydrogen solutions.


LIFTE H2 provides unique hydrogen solutions that users of hydrogen are eager to adopt. These problems must be addressed across the whole supply chain in an integrated fashion. The company has a team of over fifty employees in Europe and North America. 

TesTneT Engineering is dedicated to providing testing services to the alternative fuels industry, specializing in high pressure hydrogen (H2) fuel and compressed natural gas fuel (CNG) systems.

The two locations in Germany and Canada allow TesTneT to be very flexible and agile in the way that they can deliver the testing that may be required for the project. The dedicated and dependable staff have many years of experience and expertise, which allows the team to perform any testing quickly and correctly.

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